Sunday, August 16, 2009

BMTC Volvo Buses finally find their way to KST

BMTC has finally intoduced the Volvo Bus services from KST. These vayu vajra buses bearing route 375A will start from Shirke in KST and will reach Electronic city wading through the uttarahalli Road.
Its really nice to see these high tech buses making their way through Kengeri and KST.It will definitely benefit the Techies staying in KST and surrounding areas, who travel to their work place in Electronic city and the surrounding areas. This service will also help people who stay in areas like Uttarahalli,R.R nagar and other areas that adjacent to the Uttrahalli road to reach their work place.
The buses are not that crowded as of now.But , have to wait and watch .It takes time for people to get to know of the new service.

Land Sharks in Kengeri : Part 1

How would you feel , if one fine morning you come for a normal stroll around your site , only to find that it has been fenced and occupied by some stranger ?
Thats what happened exactly with us. One sunday morning we came to realise that our site on vidyapeetha road in Kengeri has been illegally occupied by some one. Our site was a part of a layout that was primarily made and owned by the Bank and working professionals.The whole layout was fenced and cordonned off like a war zone.The road leading to the layout was also blocked.Some Goons had also been placed at the layout to shoo away the actual owners and their sympathisers.

In utter Shock and disbelief, we told the goons stationed there with a lump in the throat that the land belonged to us and questioned their authority to not only tresspass but occupy the piece of land illegally. We were told that the land belonged to Mr.M, a realtor and a small time politician in kengeri and he had inherited the whole piece of land from his grandfather. The layout was formed by purchasing the land from this person's grandfather.In fact this person had given his consent and signed on the agreement paper. Now, his version was that his consent was not taken while selling the land and so the "Pahni " still had his grandfather's name.So, he was the rightfull owner of this piece of land.
Where was he all these years and why did he raise his ugly head only now ?
This was the big question that haunted all the site owners in the layout. This person M being a localite knew everthing about this layout formation, people who purchased the sites and evrything.People had put up fences, some of them had even put up foundations to build small houses.He never had any objection to all this.But , it was only now that he realised that this piece of land belonged to him (According to his version of the story). One of the major reasons for his great awakening was the spiralling Land prices in Kengeri and the seemingly timid and gullible educated people who he thought would not even dare to provide mild resistance to his cunning move. So, he made this plan of occupying this piece of land and planned to sell it to some high profile real estate developers in the city. Who would get such a large chunk of land , especially inside Kengeri and almost for free.This was a perfect plan to make some quick money using dirty tricks.

To be Continued...