Sunday, May 5, 2013

Real Estate in Kengeri : Part 3

Update on my previous posts : The Land shark who had illegally occupied the layout has lost his case in High Court against the site owners . But, as per sources, he intends to take up the case with the Supreme Court. Truth has finally triumphed against evil, a little late though. I cannot understand what he gained from all of this GoondaRaj !! Hope God gives him some sadbudhi !!

Have you talked to your Corporator ?

Have you ever tried to contact your ward Corporator. I did for the first time 2 years ago, to report to her on the Garbage problem in our street. It never occured to me that there is someone called a corporator that i have voted and is there to look after my problems.

I belong to the Hemmigepura ward whose corporator is Mrs.Veena Nagaraj (The ward being reserved for Women). I was very happy during BBMP elections, that our ward would be represented by Woman. I enthusiastically voted for Veena Nagaraj who belongs to BJP, the party which had a pretty good reputation back in those days.

So, when the time came to talk to my elected representative, i was in for a shock. This is what happened when i called up the corporator on the mobile number , which was displayed on the BBMP website :

A guy picked the call .I said -" Can i speak to Veena Nagaraj ? "

"Tell me.You can talk to me ". But, i insisted on talking to the corporator.But the guy did not give up.
"Whats your problem sir.Tell me "

"There is uncleared garbage in our street corner for the past so many months.No one has even bothered to clear it,despite repeated complaints to BBMP. The garbage is attracting lots of mosquitos,rats ,Dogs and even monkeys.Please do something "

"Dont worry sir.Definitely i will get it done for you"

2 Weeks passed ,but nothing happened on the ground.Just a false assurance. Later, i somehow contacted the Corporator of the neighbouring Kengeri Ward, Mr.Anjanappa. The matter was solved the very next day, even though it was not his ward.

This is what is the least expected out of a Corporator , responding to people's problems. The problems are  very simple like uncleared garbage, untarred roads,water problems. They are not complex issues that requires you to bang your head against the wall.

 If as a corporator, you cannot respond to simple issues in your ward, why the hell should we call you as our elected representative ?

If women's reservation creates proxies like this, then what's the whole point about women's reservation ?

How do you expect me to vote for you the next time, if this is the way you are ?