Sunday, May 5, 2013

Real Estate in Kengeri : Part 3

Update on my previous posts : The Land shark who had illegally occupied the layout has lost his case in High Court against the site owners . But, as per sources, he intends to take up the case with the Supreme Court. Truth has finally triumphed against evil, a little late though. I cannot understand what he gained from all of this GoondaRaj !! Hope God gives him some sadbudhi !!


  1. Shark had created fake documents of BBMP Thanks to RTI his nefarious designs came out! caught red handed! Fighting his case to preserve his propery before Karnataka Appeallate Tribunal with fake documents God save him!

  2. BBMP is issuing P.I D to properties. Knowingly or unknowingly, corrupt BBMP oficials have given PID numbers in his usurped property. Shark's attempts to swallow attempt have come to naught! If you are a bit intelligent, you can smash them to earth with the help of Bangalore Metropolitan Task Officials(BMTF) with R P Sharma as head . There is cow dung in the head of Shark nothing else!