Saturday, May 16, 2009

Real Estate in kengeri : Part 1

Kengeri was earlier considered as a remote town(village for that matter) , too far off from the city of Bangalore, even though it was just 16 kms away form the city of bangalore.Many of the people used to shoo away kengeri as being a remote village, often being associated with "kengeri mori".People used to say why you are staying in a forest like that.Now , all that has changed.

With bangalore becoming the IT hub of the country and real estate prices going up like anything in the urban areas of bangalore like jayanagar,vijaynagar and with the coming of the Bangalore-Mysore corridor and the developmets surrounding Kengeri,people started taking note of this little town.With the scarcity of the land within the city limits and spirraling real estate prices people started coming to Kengeri.

With large tracts of land available in the form of agricultural land around kengeri and sensing the huge demand , real estate agents along with land owners formed many legal and illegal layouts.People came in thousands and bought sites and many of them made kengeri their home after purchasing the sites.These layouts have mainly comup in the interior of kengeri like the Vidyapeetha road, kodipalya, uttarahalli road, gutte anjaneya road and surrounding areas.many houses have come up in these layouts.Rapid development has taken place in these areas with many of them complete with all the amenities like asphalted roads, street lights , underground drainage,etc.Old timers have failed to come to come to terms with the rapid development taking place in and around kengeri.

Real estate is a big business in kengeri.Many of the unemployed youth are involved in this and would like to proudly call it their profession.It is a rags to riches story for many of them .Many of the so called real estate agents who , once upon a time drank by-two coffee in the small tea stalls in kengeri , now roam around in the Scorpios and innovas.There is a complete make over in terms of their life styles and several other aspects of life , mainly their way of dressing.You will invariably find thes real estate agents in white and white with Golden rings on all the 10 fingers and thick golden chain around their neck.If you want to witness the real estate activity in and around kengeri, you need to visit and spend some time in the S .N Complex in kengeri which houses the Sub Registrar office.

In my further posts lets examine, the powerful Land mafia thats turning its ugly head in kengeri with details of one of the sensational land grabs that involved big names in kengeri....

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  1. bangalore is the IT hub of india and now real estate is growing fast..Real estate is a big business in you have mentioned.
    it was nice visiting here and did get good amount of information from here. thanks for sharing and keep posting such post here in future too.