Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vrishabhavati aka Kengeri mori

Vrishabhavati or "Kengeri mori" as it has come to be known, is not a drain as many of them say.Vrishabhavati is infact the only river that takes birth in Bangalore and runs parallel to the mysore road.It has a dubious distinction of carrying the waste from the whole of the city of Bangalore.Be it industrial effluents, human waste , garbage dumps,etc , vrishabhavati carries it all.

Vrishabhavati takes birth near the Bull temple in basavanagudi and flows through major areas like guddadahalli,bapujinagar, R R nagar, kengeri and continues further until meeting the "Syanumangala" lake.It was a beatifull river once upon a time (even 40 years back) which fed the coconut grooves and other agricultural lands in its catchment area.In fact it is only because of this river , that you see so much of greenery in the outer fringes of Kengeri.

"We used swim in the river to beat the heat of the summer as school kids"-says an old kengerite."We used to walk all the way to Bangalore university campus, where the river has broad rock formations and green forests on the banks, ideal for beating the summer heat.What a beatiful river it was "-remembers an old timer.Infact some say that every day water from the river was used to perform abhishekam to the Ishwara temple in the heart of kengeri.The same was the case with the Gaali anjaneyaswamy temple in bapujinagar.It was because of that reason that the temple was built on the banks of this river.

It was in the 1970s , that a few of the industries started leaving industrial effluents one by one into the river, that it started getting polluted.This pollution was taken to great heights and in a way legitamised, when the bangalore city corporation decided to connect all the major underground sewage outlets into the river.This process continued over the years to turn this beatifull river into a drain.

It would have been so wonderfull , if this river was as clean as it was once upon a time.All the Kengerites could beat the heat by bathing in the river waters could have supported a lot more greenery, could have recharged the ground water table .But all that remains an utopian dream.As the fate had it, vrishabhavati had to be transformed into a big drain, "the kengeri mori".


  1. Would you be interested on making Vrishabhavati clean again?

  2. wish that was easy my friend , its out of our control ,F@$!$ Govt left his go with Careless B@#$ @$!@$! political Rowdies i should call them rather..

    Have to blame the people aswell ... we let this precious source go ... :(
    imagine we could had the beautiful gardens in and around bangalore with those streams and bridge, lush green plants and flora , bangalore is no more bangalore ..

  3. Can't we try cleaning it up. Would definitely love to see the river or mori, with clean water. probably form a save vrishabhavati campaign.

  4. Its More of people other than govt,we blame govt for everything,its all about individuals to decide this is not the place to dump the waste and to pledge towards nature and discipline.and ofcourse govt support for a real dedicated waste channel is required.

    its all about the moral of people which comes from education and unfortunately now people are bothered about making children fluent in english by paying lakhs from LKG or even from pre-kg's but where is the moral,in fact educated people are getting more dump and selfish dont care about people around nature nothing they will realize when they are in 80's and that age cant do anything much.

  5. I wish this river be cleared and fresh water be installed into it, this would change a lot of things. The government had taken a very bad step pouring all the sewage water of Bangalore into this precious lake.