Sunday, December 8, 2013

Monkey menace in Kengeri

Monkeys are the latest entrants to Kengeri. Once occasional guests to the coconut groves on the periphery of the town, have come to call Kengeri their permanent home. Residents are fedup with these jumping jacks creating chaos wherever they choose to go.They are not afraid of people anymore.They are asserting their rights on the town.

Repeated complaints to BBMP has been of no use, as BBMP merely says it has forwarded the complaint to the Forest department. Recently, there was a news article where the Forest department instead of finding a solution to this menace , has come out with a set of guidelines to coexist with these chaotic creatures. These are not our friendly street dogs that you can coexist with them.

People cannot even take the problem into their own hands, as it was reported recently. One of the Apartments near Sarjapur Road was so tired of the monkey menace, that it decided to take the matter into its own hands. They got a monkey catcher to trap all of them and as they were preparing to transport these monkeys into the forest, the forest department accompanied by police came out of the blue  and arrested the president of the Apartment Owners Association.

Gutte Anjaneyaswamy , Help Us!!! 

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